During Fashion Week I had a private chocolate making class at Tache Artisan Chocolate. Guys, this was one of the coolest things I’ve done in the city. Located in the very corner of Lower Manhattan, Tache is a bright pop of color right off Broome Street. Walk through the doors and smell everything from dark chocolate, macaroons, and much more. I walked in and was greeted to the sounds of Kygo Pandora Radio, I knew I was in the right spot. 

The chocolatier lead me downstairs to their chocolate lab! I was in heaven. I learned really quickly that these guys knew everything about chocolate. She explained that I would make three types of sweet treats. First we started with chocolate art. By no means am I an artist, so I had to improvise a little bit but I think I did ok! I got to learn about types of chocolate and what is REALLY in the Hersey’s bar you’re eating. Tache uses dark chocolate which is my personal favorite. It has a richer taste and adding flavor to it brings out its’ sweet taste.

Next up was chocolate clusters. She put a huge bowl of warm chocolate in front of me and told me to add whatever I wanted. I’m a simple kinda guy, so I just added peanuts and used coca powder and gram cracker on top as a garnish.

The last thing I made was a pure chocolate mold. She let me pick any mold I wanted. Naturally, I chose a Lion, it’s my favorite animal and I’m kind of obsessed. I got to “paint” my mold different colors with powered coloring. Inspired by Katy Perry’s Superbowl performance, I used red and gold. Next came filling the molds. As a kid, did you ever go to the soda fountain, stick your head under the nozzle and push the button? Maybe that was just me. That’s the only thing I was thinking about while filling my mold with the chocolate. 

While my chocolate was settling I indulged myself in a few macaroons. When the chocolate was done chilling, I was able to wrap it up and take it home! I’m still eating my chocolate and my class was a few weeks ago!

Tache made my chocolate experience the best it could be. They were friendly and FULL of information. If you’re in NYC or planning a trip, make sure Tache is on your list. Their classes are very affordable and can be easily booked via their website or with a phone call.

If you would, do me a favor and send Tache some love one social media. I know they would appreciate it! Next time you’re in the area, stop in and grab some chocolate and macaroons! 

Thank you to Tache for an amazing experience! 

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